The most extensive study into the impact of digital transformation on UK organisations at a time of great uncertainty in the British economy.

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The pervasive access to new digital services is changing every aspect of business—shaping growth, disrupting industry landscapes, and providing the catalyst for new business models, products, services, and experiences. It is enabling businesses to reimagine their structures and strategy.

To this end, we sought the views of more than 1,000 business and IT leaders from large UK organisations across a variety of sectors. This was complemented by a series of in-depth interviews with digital transformation leaders and influencers, allowing for deeper insight. Key findings include:

  • Disruption is real – nearly half of all business leaders (44%) think their existing business models will cease to exist within the next five years.
  • It’s happening quickly – more than half of all organisations (51%) think that their industry will be disrupted within the next two years.
  • Taking action is the only option – yet only half (55%) of private sector business decision makers think their senior leadership are willing to disrupt their existing businesses in order to grow and compete more in the future.

This report provides for a benchmark on which to measure the progress your organisation is making, to help identify some of the obstacles ahead and provide you with recommendations for ensuring digital transformation success.

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