Config Level – Difficult

Installing the Android SDK on Windows with the AVD Manager required command line skills and the ability to configure a WireGuard tunnel.

This will let us get the device’s WireGuard configuration, which is locked down in newer versions of Android.
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Learn how to configure, manage, monitor and troubleshoot your network more effectively with Azure networking services. Download the latest edition of the free Azure Networking Cookbook from Packt – now in 15 languages* – and get step-by-step instructions for how to:

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Level: Technical

I have bought many VPN routers for OpenVPN and WireGuard to test the speed with top VPN providers, and the total speed I get on OpenVPN protocol is 30-50Mbps and Wireguard on decent router speed getting around 120-240Mbps. It isn’t good if you have a high-end bandwidth internet connection with a high-speed VPN. However, I was a fan of GL.iNET Brume Router, which I used to get 80Mbps on OpenVPN and 280-295Mbps on WireGaurd.

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The UK Metropolitan Police have published the first Cyber Scams Book/eBook. The book has been elaborated to help UK businesses to act the necessary measures to protect the companies/personal information and customers against cybercriminals and Protect the data information from the hacker to reduce the risk of being a victim. Read more

Installation Guide:

  1. How to Setup Postfix/DKIM/SPF on Ubuntu with or without Plesk Onyx
  2. How to setup DKIM/SPF/DMARC in Ubuntu with Plesk Onyx
  3. How to setup SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
  4. How to setup DMARC and Benefits
  5. Generate a public and private key from OpenSSL (if require)
  6. How to install/setup dkim in cPanel
  7. Server Speedtest from command
  8. User unknown in virtual alias table

Important Tools

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For 10 years, Microsoft has been studying and analysing the threat landscape of exploits, vulnerabilities and malware. We’ve used data gathered from more than 600 million computers worldwide to develop one of the most complete security data sets in the world.

Our year-round research is then collected and published in The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, a globally accredited, 160-page report that comprehensively addresses the security landscape. This year, in an effort to drive awareness of key insights and trends, we’ve also developed A Quick Guide to the Most Important Insights in Security, an abridged, to-the-point resource that readers can use to learn the important factors in the complex matrix of Cybersecurity. Read more