You can install OVH manager on Shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Pre Requisites:

  1. WHMCS 4.1+
  2. IonCube Loader 8.3 / Mcrypt
  3. PHP 5.4+ min

Make sure you purchase OVH manager license from before you start or talk to the support for 14 days trial.

Download the zip file from Bstack then unzip, upload server and addon folder from module folder on the WHMCS modules > Server and Add on folders.


Install the Module

1. Unzip and upload the “module” folder to the root of your WHMCS install.

2. Go to Setup -> Addon Modules and click “Activate” on the OVH Manager

3. Allow Full Administrator permissions so that your user account can see / use the addon.

4. OVH Manager should now appear under Add Ons

5. Follow the prompts on the screen to set up.

6. You must create at least 1 API key set to OVH.

For API keys, you need to go API Manager site

Once you have created Keys, copy and paste on WHMCs addons

Click on @Generate Consumer Key. once  API authorised from OVH API Manager follow below rest of the instructions.

7. Select the OVH server line and country. Follow the Link when prompted and generate your keys.

8. Copy the keys back and hit continue

9. Next you need to validate the keys

10. Continue… and Proceed down to Configuration.

Prepare OVH Manager system for Installation on WHMCS

WHMCS Server Group

1. Create a Server. Setup -> Product/Services -> Servers

a. Name It “OVH API SERVER” – (this can be anything but needs to be remembered).

b. Set the Type of Server to “Ovh_api” – (If you don’t see this re-upload the files)

c. Save Changes – The Rest can be blank. This is needed for you to assign products to use the API.

2. While still inside the Servers area, “Create a New Group” and add the OVH API server to it.

3. Go to the OVH Manager addon and select the OVH API Master Server and SAVE settings. This will conclude the Back end WHMCS Settings.

Product / Service Creation

The same process is followed for VPS and Dedicated servers you will see this as you setup your 1st product

1. Create a New Product Group – You can chose anything you want for this. As an Example for the Guide we will create a group called “OVH VPS” as were setting up the VPS/Cloud VPS servers to use with the API

2. Create a New Product – As we have setup Servers and Groups this process should be quick and easy and you can then use the Duplicate function to create more as needed.

3. Set the Product Group to the group you made in the previous section “OVH VPS” for our example

4. You can set your pricing how you wish

5. Under “Module Settings” – IMPORTANT PART!

a. Set Module Name to the Ovh_api

b. Server Group to the OVH API group (made earlier)

c. Set Country

– USA for (BHS /Canada)

– Eurpoe for France

d. Set Product type of VPS or Dedicated

e. Do not setup automatically

6. Under “Custom Fields” IMPORTANT PART!

a. Create a new Custom Field Called OVHServerID — (Must be named exactly like this)

b. Set to Admin Only and Save

7. Your Product should now be setup to use the OVH API

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