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Before in hand installing WordPress

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  1. How to Install WordPress in your high spec Computer/Laptop
  2. How to Install WordPress using FTP
  3. How to Install WordPress using Softaculous
  4. How to Install WordPress using SimpleScripts – #Working
  5. How to Install a WordPress Multisite Network – #Working
  6. How to Install WordPress using Fantastico – #Working

How to Install WordPress in your Computer/Laptop

Common question asked by new starters, if they could install WordPress in their computers first. Yes we recommend them too. This environment is the best for to build themes, plugins or to test drive (Offline). If for the third person then you should install WordPress on there Servers.

For Windows PC users, then we recommend that you download & setup WAMP and for the MAC lovers! you need to download and setup Mamp.

How to Install WordPress using FTP

FTP is the best way to install on shared hosting, it’s also keep the same folder permissions. Btw, you need to have a FTP app/software.

First thing you need to do is download the latest version of WordPress site. Unzip the file, and use the FTP software to upload the files into your web host directory of your choice.

Download WordPress

If you want to install WordPress in the main domain, then unzip the wordpress folder in your /public_html/ directory. If you want it in a subfolder, then upload it in a folder /public_html/foldername/

Add a new Domain in Cpanel

  1. If you have main domain on the root directory then no need to take this step, go to create database.
  2. Click on addon domain
  3. Enter your domain and other details then click on add domain, see below.

Add Domain

Create Domain


Once uploading completed of WordPress, go to your hosting control panel to create a database. We are using cPanel on our hosting server.



After clicked on MySQL Database then you will see a field to create a new database. Enter your database name, and click “Create Database”

Create new database

After you created new database and new user with ‘All Privilege’, it is time to run the install from the URL. If it is in the main domain, then you will simply go to yourdomain.com.

After your URL loaded, you will see below page:


The next screen will show you the information you need to have (database name, database username and password, database host, and table prefix). Simply click on the Let’s go button. Next you will see the form to enter all the information.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 11.53.05

Once you enter the information, click on the submit button. It will take you the page that has the button to Run the Install. Click on it.

Wordpress details

Dont forget to add your database user and password on wp-config.php file in wordpress directory from FTP or hosting file manager.

Next create new user and password for your wp-admin page.


Click to finish the installation and you good to go!

Once finished go to URL: www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin, type your user and password you just created.

For visual Learner please click here:

How to Install WordPress using Softaculous

Softaculous allow hosting providers to offer one-click install for WordPress, Dupla or other famous CMS. DigitalBerg Hosting is one of the many providers that are using Softaculous for WordPress, Softaculous must installed on your Cpanel or WHM.

Something like this on Cpanel:

Softaculous icon

After click on the Softaculous icon, Softaculous dashboard will be open. On your left hand sidebar, you should see a list of software categories. Click on the “Portal/CMS” category and then select WordPress and install.

Softaculous inside

Below process require important details of your site.


Once all the information provided then click install to complete the wordpress.

WHM Panel look like this:

WHM Softaculous




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